Basically 80% of salary earners run out of cash on or before the 15th of every month, due to one personal/family issues or the other. Below are 20 way to have a reasonable amount of money that can last you

throughout the entire month before the next paycheck comes.(5 tips each for 4 Wednesday)

pay your self first..
…. It sounds funny, but it’s one of the most effective way of money fitness plan. Regardless of how much you are paid, always set a fixed pay for your self and use the remaining for other things. I.e if my initial salary is 50k, I can pay my self 30k, then the remaining will be used for tithe,clothes,shoe and so on

Save by force
…..personally I create a debit standing order from my account every end of the month. In the 30k you paid your self, let 10k be put away for saving by force. It goes a long way by helping you keep money for the rainy day.

Avoid accumulated debts…..most times people borrow a lot of money before the payday or buys things on credit. If you really want peace of mind when you collect your salary, try as much as possible to avoid debt, and  if you have any debt, pay it, regardless of how little it is. Some will say, its just #100 na, I will pay it later. Little by little it becomes #1000( it might not be to same person)

Spend on needs only…… Man is created with the longing to acquire much. The day most collect their salary is when the issue of I need a new this, I need a new that sets in, but in reality they are all “wants” because they can do without them. So it helps when you are able to decide and differentiate what you “need” and what you “want”

Negotiate price…..when you collect your salary, that sense of too much money is very overwhelming. Regardless of how rich you are at that moment still look for the lowest price/good quality as much as possible. Don’t overspend because, your eyes go clear when eee finish.

In conclusion for today, sometimes it might looks hard to achieve, just do it anyway. Have tried it and it worked. So give it a try.
….youv got any more tips, please share with us. Join us for more tips and info on how to live a life of excellence( men only)
Yours in excellence

Meshe john