If only buhari has decided he does not want to campaign last year for the election just because he had lost 2 or 3 times, I wonder what he would be doing now( may be feeding his 300 cows). He had to try again,

this time with a different strategy and on a bigger and better platform with a better message.

Regardless of where you have failed or you have been rejected, I employ you to give it one more shot, you never can tell if the next trial will become your success story.
People who succeed today did not get there by accident or on a plata of gold, they went through the dirt, they failed Many times, they had to restart and re strategize for better result.

“No glory without a story”

“There is no joy in success, if you had not fail onces”

Remember this, nothing good or worthy comes easy but with Grace you will overcome.
Don’t give up yet, you are almost there!!!!!
Welcome to a week of favour

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Yours in excellence

Meshe john