The biggest asset ever available is “you”. Which makes it a priority that you have to give great attention to your self development.

A great man once said that ” you cannot grow bigger than the level of information you expose yourself to”

In other words, if your business or any project you are embarking on is going to grow, first you have to grow your self(absorb the right information)


Increase your information base……that is, read more books(eBooks especially) they are mostly free.

Attend professional schools…….. In any field you might find yourself now, regardless of what you know! , there are more things to learn.

Attend seminars……offline or online, any one that suit you.

Be open to new developments… changes, rules changes, new innovation are created daily, new ideas. So don’t hold on to past success because just like WhatsApp ( this version has become absolute since 31st of October, please download a new on)

Learn to teach others what you know…….remember a full glass cannot hold new water so also a full stomach cannot hold new food, you have to visit the Comfort station first. So to grow, you need to teach others what you know so as to give room for more learning and self development.
In conclusion, everything that you have or will have depend on how well you develop yourself. Remember An old skin cannot accommodate a new wine.

Have a lovely day.
Yours in excellence

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Meshe john