Last week Wednesday I gave 5 tips, here is another 5 more tips. If you’ve forgotten the last five you can click d link here to refresh your memory.

This tips are very useful for both employees and entrepreneur. Sometimes business owner have to wait for the next sales or big contract before they have enough money to spend. Also employee wait for the next pay check before they can live a good life.
If you make this tips part of your lifestyle (1-20), you won’t have any reason to depend fully on the next paycheck or the next sales/contract because you will always have enough to last you a long time before the next.

Below are this week five(5)
Keep a budget…….most people say I know what I need and I will get them when the paycheck comes in, but the truth of the matter is that, when the next paycheck comes in or the next big sales/contract comes in, new expenses will set in too and just because you don’t have a budget, you will end up spending all the money with you like a politician that lost the election.

Don’t shop for fun……I remember when I was still working in Shoprite, I see lots of people who only comes to Shoprite just because they are bored at home and they needed a place where they can kill that boredom, so they end up buying what they mostly don’t need. for no reason should you shop for fun all in the name of bigboy. If you are going for shopping, keep the list of what you need and buy that alone.

Reduce your personal pocket money……personally I prefer holding my atm than having cash (it has its own disadvantage sha) because most stores are not using POS at the moment so if there is no cash at hand the probability of me buying that suya or buying lacasera in traffic is very low. So reduce you cash at hand.

Start saving as early as possible….. money wait until you have more money before you start saving. Consider the ways of the ants.
Consider looking for another means of cash flow……never settle on one source of income, every successful man today has more than one source of income(if you know any that has one source pls let me know) well if you don’t know any other source of income you can venture into, send me a message privately, let’s work things out together.
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