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Even the good book says 

Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.Proverbs 29:18.

A true man of excellence must have direction, he must be clear in his agenda. He  must not beat around the bush in his quest for success.
Remember if you stand for nothing, you will fall for everything.
If you do not have a clear vision,then you will move in different directions wasting alot time, effort, energy & money. The end result is Frustration. 

“What is a vision? Vision is a clear picture of thefuture you want to be in. The picture should bedetailed and precise.
Few years ago I made a clear, detailed and precise result I want to have by the age of 30, its by that Barton I run my race.
Believe me , on the journey there will be distraction but when your vision is clear, three things will happen

……you make the right decision

……you wount fall for all advice

……you pray correct prayer( when you have no vision you  pray amiss)
Remember a real woman falls for a man of vision, not the one in a television.
Welcome to a lovely new month of harvest.

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When you are about to start a project or choosing a wife or buying that thing youv always love , what are the thing that go on in your mind…..?

Does your mind says things like
……what will they say

……will they critize me

……Am I looking good

……hope am not stepping on any toes

……hope they wount say am too proud

……should I ask Debo first 

……what will they think about me….
All this questions shows a sign of weakness in decision making.. As a man of excellence, you have to be able to make decision on your own, based on your own personal research and instincts. If you decide to please people and inconvenience your self, its your own cup of tea not theirs.

In reality, no body cares about you, they only care about their own personal gain, so if you live your life trying to please people , you end up being miserable for a long time.
So starting today(if youv not started), start making your own decision based on your own instincts ( let your opinion count).
” you are a man, act like one”….


What do you think?

I remember in 2013 when I imported good worth 1.6m from China..I had issues with the documents and I knew that I will definitely have issues clearing the goods.. Finally the good got to Nigeria but due to my lack of optimism I was unable to clear the goods( I wasn’t expecting the goods to be cleared because my documents were not complete). The goods were delayed for more that 2months and I lost every customer that had paid upfront to another competitor….bottom line, I was in serious debt because after clearing, no buyer….I wasn’t expecting good result and I got what I wished
Its very important that we envision positive result in what ever we are doing, remember the universe has a way of attracting what we wish in our heart to us…..a good example is when you think about buying a particular brand of car, you end up seeing/noticing it everyday around you(thats the law of attraction)….

Think positive result, with much effort you will get it……thank God, with the renewing of my mind daily with the word of God and marathon work I paid off the debt, am back and better…
As a true Man of Excellence, Always expect positive result.

For over four weeks we have been following theis 21 actions a man of excellence should observe…hope its prepping your mind for the coming year?… In the coming year…good news is what am expecting from each member of this group

…..news of success.

….starting a new business

…..following your passion

…..traveling to that place of your dream

….getting married and so much more.

….this action and more to come are propeller to greatness….at the end of the series you will get it in an e-book for free on my site….

Action 4 is one of the 4 D’s of greatness from one of my EBook (four D’s of greatness)

To be truelly successful, you have to desire it….am not talking about wishing for it like all most poorly thinking people do, I mean consciously desiring to success.
One good thing about consciously desiring a thing is that, the law of attraction(law of the universe) will automatically attract to you what you need to attain that success..
If you truely want to success in the coming year!!! Do this three things
Conciously DESIRE it

Make conscious EFFORT to attain it

Work with a TEAM of like minds
I hope, by this time next year we would have become our DESIRE…

A true man of excellence goes beyond the status quo…..he does beyond the ordinary….I was watching a movie last night and Muntu said to canto… A good man draws a circle around his family alone he feeds, protect and stay with them alone…a better man draws a circle big enough to accommodate his family and also his extended family….and the best man(a man of excellence) draws a bigger circle that accommodate a vely large people(more like a nation)….
A man of excellence goes beyond taking care of his immediate family or friend, he takes unto him the burden of fending for millions of people…..the greatest example of a man of excellence is our  Lord Jesus Christ who died even for those yet unborn…… Also Mandela who took the burden of the whole of south Africa upon himself….
Most people what’s to live in the system(playing safe and doing what others are doing)..only those that goes beyond,extra miles are always the greatest,famous and sometimes richest….
Are you still living  in your comfort zone..? Are you still enjoying the analogy of “oga sell, oga no sell….my salary go complete”……. Its time to break away from that, and make a plan to becoming a man of excellence in 2017……
Enjoy your day….

Action6…..patience is their virtue

One of the Greates cause of failure is impatience……..

What is impatience…..? It basically means that youreally feel that you have done everything that youcould have done, but so far not happy with theresults. You feel a sense of time slipping awayfrom your hands…..
With this type of attitude you end up rumbling and tumbling what you have already succeeded in doing……impatience is bad…..it causes depression(sometimes)…..it gives hypertension (sometimes)… It causes you to make mistake(most times)…..
What do you do when you are impatience?
1..relax and reflect…….when the success you are expecting is not coming forth…..instead of becoming impatience…..rather sit down and relax your mind…..reflect on the process you made toward that success you are expecting…if you did a good job it will surely come out successful….. So don’t give your self unnecessary problem.

2..go take a bath and have a cup of water……water e no get enemy…..water can solve most common problems….like anger,frowning,panic attack,dizziness,weakness, impatience…and so on….sometimes I go swimming just to clear my head….when you become impatience, take a glass/bottle of water….instantly you mind will “calm down”….. And your brain will reboot(it happens in less that 5sec)..

3..speak the word………like the three idiots say…..”All is well” but here we say. “GOD is in control”……..
In conclusion…. Impatience is bad for your health……just like anger…..Chanel them to productive things….
Have a lovely day….

Action7…turn your failure to experience

One common thing that every successful people have is failure…. In reality you can’t  succeed if you have not failed…success really has no meaning or real value without the sting of failure..
Failure, when seen as an experience helps you deal or see life in a different angle…successful people takes action not because they are 100%  certain, but because they know that even if they fail they are 10% closer to their goal…

Thomas Alva Edison was interviewed once and somebody asked a question“you have failed10,000 times”. Edison’s response was “I have not failed. I’ve just been successful in finding out10,000 ways which will not work.”Inspite of clear statistics and many

Notice one trend with unsuccessful people….they are always afraid of failure..but successful people takes on the challenge even if its glaring that there is no possibility of succeeding…

Few years ago before I decided to be a full-time entrepreneur… I had all planed out…I had a reasonable savings and already secured an office space….six months down the road, my business hit rock bottom…first advice I got was to go seek paid employment…if I had listen to them I will still be stuck in the 9-5 job…but inspite of my first, second and third failure in business, I still stood by by principle and craft….today is a different story…
So as a man of excellence, don’t be afraid to fail….rather see it as an experience and a stepping stop to your greatness…

In conclusion….. Profile any successful man today, if they had never failed before succeeding…. I owe you #20k
PS…failure is unavoidable, it can only be managed…..mejoh

How you manage it determines if you are a man or not……..remember a righteous man falleth(fails) many times and again he riseth again(message version)..
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