the different between a poor man and a rich man is the difference in information. A poor man will always complain that there is recession in the country , but in that same country people(rich in wealth and rich in mind) are still making money.
The truth of the matter is that many are lazy, they say its because of the change ( buhari regime that’s why they are not making money, the question is where they making money before buhari change regime? 

Regardless of the situation of the country we can still be successful in what ever we do only if we are dedicated to get the right information.

The bible say(paraphrase) search ye the word, for in them ye will find life. 

When you read your bible well, u will discover information that can transform your life. According to the bible nothing is new, everything we see today are just recreation of what has been. So search the bible so that great and wondrous things will be revealed unto you.
And also open your mind to thing going on around you. Believe me there is great opportunity in everything you see. The best way to discover that opportunity is to make conscious effort in bringing it to reality.

To crown it all 
The best way to learn new thing is to teach other the one you know. (Av done my part, it’s time to do yours.)

Yours in excellence

Meshe john aka mejoh