#mondaymotivational   “DON’T GIVE UP YET”

Right now it might seems that the situation of things is not going to get better than it is!
Right now you might be thinking of quitting!
Right now you might be thinking of looking for another way out!
I have a word for you, don’t give up yet.

On recent times I’v come to realize that most of the time when people give up in pursuit of a particular project they end up regretting it later because when they start seeing people archievin the same Success they were supposed to achieve, they will start blaming themselves i.e
Why I give up sef
I suppose do am like this
I suppose try very well and so on.

Believe me when I tell you this, that there is never a better time to do what you need to do than now. Many blame their inability to succeed on the state of the nation, but in the same situation, many are breaking new grounds, many are creating new means of cash flow. So don’t give up yet, rather think outside the box.

In conclusion, my advice for you is , don’t complain when other are, rather look for a way to turn that situation into an opportunity.©mejoh

Do have a lovely week.

JOHN omoloye meshe
Live intentionally


Saturday, July 22, 2017
12:52 PM

One of the words that change my life is what my mentor told me…. He said our decisions today is what determines our future tomorrow…. It’s not as if I’ve not heard that quote before…. It’s just that he told me when I needed it the most….

I was at a stage in my life were I wanted to spend on clothings,luxury, video game(I was an adict), timbs, and things we majorly spend money for(liabilities)….. He said “john” spend your money on things you will reap their benefits later, like books, information, property, relationship, investment, business and every asset you can think of!…….. Thank God I listened to him…..

Remember, the reason you you call an Ocean; Ocean is because it has many river attached to it….. So if you need a future as big and wide as an ocean, then you need rivers(investment,business, property, good friends, information) all this are rivers that will unleash enough water into your ocean…..

The little things you do today, determines how big or how shallow your future will be………

Make the right decision today…… No matter how small….. Just do it…

What do you think…..?

JOHN omoloye meshe
Live intentionally

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According to personal research, Iv come to realize that a short term goal never made anyone a millionaire,only a long term goal does. Short term goal are for the moment, long term goal are a lifetime.

I study the life of millionaire/billionaires and realize it took them close to 10-30 years to be where they are today.

Making short term plans can only sustain you a while, but making a long one will sustain you a life time……

I read a story about a young man of 18years that became a millionaire through investing in bitcoin… He invested $1000 in bitcoin in 2011($100 per 1btc) by 2013 he made large profit and invested the money in his business. The business grew and a buyer bought it for 300btc, he bought another 100btc(then 1btc is less that $200).by 2014 he had 403btc…..which he left on touch for 3years untouched… Right now the BTC worth $1,063,000($2763 per 1btc)……he plans to leave the BTC till his 20th birthday(5years plan} 2014-2019.
Unlike people that like fast cash(mostly Africans), this people invest and leave to grow…. They make plans in long term……

If you truly want to be a millionaire in asset(money in bank, property and so on), try make a five year plan instead of wanting to hit the jackpot I.e, gambling, baba ijebu, ponzi. And so on..

Every millionaire/billionaires you know now started their empire at least 10yearsago…… It’s not too late to start yours now……

Do you have a long term plan? Make sure it’s written down for future reference…. Have a a lovely weekend

John omoloye meshe
Live intentionally

​How to Create a Budget You Can Live With

 Kayla Sloan  finance Everythingfinanceblog.Com 

The concept of creating a household budget in and of itself is not that hard to understand.

You need to know what your income is and what your expenses are so you can balance the two. Hopefully, you find your expenses to be less than your income.

But the reality of creating a budget can sometimes prove to be more difficult. For example, what if one or more of your expenses fluctuates each month? What if you find you have trouble sticking to a budget over the long-term? Here are a few tips I’ve learned about creating a budget you can live with.


One of the biggest reasons budgets fail and people find they can’t live with their budget over the long-term is because they are too strict when creating their budget. It’s not going to be a budget you can live with if you aren’t being realistic about how much you actually spend on different aspects of your life.

For example, if you find yourself going over budget on entertainment every month, it would be more realistic for you to increase that category of your budget by a few dollars than to continue beating yourself up for going over.


People often think budgeting is the first step to getting your finances in order, but I disagree. Instead, I think the very first thing you should do is track your spending. As I said before, you have to be realistic when creating your budget. There’s no way to know how much to budget for your variable spending if you haven’t been keeping track of it in the past.

When I created my first budget a few years ago, I used the average spending from 3 months worth of tracking. This way I had a good idea how much to budget for variable things like groceries, dining out, and more. It saved me from having to make as many adjustments to my budget. The more adjustments you have to make during the first couple of months of budgeting, the more likely you are to give up and think budgeting doesn’t work.


Another mistake I see a lot of people make when it comes to budgeting is making it overly complicated. Sure, it’s great to have all of your spending divvied up by category, but having too many categories can make it cumbersome to keep track of your spending and figure out how much you have left for the rest of the month.

I used to make my budget too complicated. I had cash envelopes for dining out, entertainment, groceries, household spending, pets, and more. When I would go the grocery store, I would end up doing two, or sometimes even three, separate transactions at the check out so I could keep track of my household expenses (like paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc.) vs my groceries vs my pet expenses.

After a while, that grew cumbersome and I got frustrated with my budget and how long it took me to go to the store each week. Now, I lump those things together. Granted, it does make it a little more difficult to see if I’m overspending on specific things, but it’s a lot faster and more convenient for me. And, let’s be honest, the easier something is, the more likely we are to keep it up over the long-term. This is key for creating a budget you can live with forever.


I know I said earlier that making too many adjustments to your budget can be a bad thing, but on the other hand, you have to make sure your budget is suited for your life. The reality is, life changes and if your budget doesn’t change with it, there’s no way you’ll be able stick to your budget long-term. This is why you need to sit down and plan out your budget every single month, because no two months are ever going to be the same.

Look ahead at what special events you have planned for the coming month and try to anticipate how they might affect your spending.

For example, if you plan to go on vacation next month, maybe you don’t need to budget quite as much for groceries since you won’t be eating at home while you are on vacation. But, you might need to budget more for gas to get to your vacation destination, unless you’ve already accounted for that in a separate vacation budget.


I just mentioned that you might have a vacation budget in addition to your regular monthly budget, and this is just one time when you might need more than one budget. Other things that might cause you to need more than one budget are things like parties, special events, weddings, or even relocating to a new home. If you’ve saved for these things in a special savings account, chances are that you’ll need a separate budget for them too.

In fact, using a special budget for these types of things will ensure that you don’t overspend your regular, monthly budget, or overspend your income.


The truth is, budgeting is a process and it changes over time. You may find that what used to work for you last year, or even last month, no longer fits your lifestyle. That’s ok! Just don’t give up on budgeting. Keep at it, make changes, and find a way to create a budget you can live with. Budgeting successfully can help you reach all of your other financial goals, which is why it’s so important to create a workable budget you can live with.


the different between a poor man and a rich man is the difference in information. A poor man will always complain that there is recession in the country , but in that same country people(rich in wealth and rich in mind) are still making money.
The truth of the matter is that many are lazy, they say its because of the change ( buhari regime that’s why they are not making money, the question is where they making money before buhari change regime? 

Regardless of the situation of the country we can still be successful in what ever we do only if we are dedicated to get the right information.

The bible say(paraphrase) search ye the word, for in them ye will find life. 

When you read your bible well, u will discover information that can transform your life. According to the bible nothing is new, everything we see today are just recreation of what has been. So search the bible so that great and wondrous things will be revealed unto you.
And also open your mind to thing going on around you. Believe me there is great opportunity in everything you see. The best way to discover that opportunity is to make conscious effort in bringing it to reality.

To crown it all 
The best way to learn new thing is to teach other the one you know. (Av done my part, it’s time to do yours.)

Yours in excellence

Meshe john aka mejoh

Small world

What a small world , that we find our self each day……..its so large but we deem find out each day that its so little…imagine finding your distance twin in the mist of 6billion people….how cool is that…..

I love my world….care to join…? Halla me/chat me on +2347060690235

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“21 Actions A man of Excellence should observe”


This post gets updates every Thursday….you can simply join us for first hand views… In our whatapp group MEN OF EXCELLENCE

This series will be a very long one and I hope you follow and consume each one as it comes! But if you want to consume all the 21actions at onces “pre-order” for the free-Ebook on same topic.only 50 will be available for free, so be part of those that will benefit from it. Link will be available soon

Even the good book says 

Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.Proverbs 29:18.

A true man of excellence must have direction, he must be clear in his agenda. He  must not beat around the bush in his quest for success.
Remember if you stand for nothing, you will fall for everything.
If you do not have a clear vision,then you will move in different directions wasting alot time, effort, energy & money. The end result is Frustration.  Continue reading ““21 Actions A man of Excellence should observe””


Last week Wednesday I gave 5 tips, here is another 5 more tips. If you’ve forgotten the last five you can click d link here to refresh your memory.

This tips are very useful for both employees and entrepreneur. Sometimes business owner have to wait for the next sales or big contract before they have enough money to spend. Also employee wait for the next pay check before they can live a good life.
If you make this tips part of your lifestyle (1-20), you won’t have any reason to depend fully on the next paycheck or the next sales/contract because you will always have enough to last you a long time before the next.

Below are this week five(5)
Keep a budget…….most people say I know what I need and I will get them when the paycheck comes in, but the truth of the matter is that, when the next paycheck comes in or the next big sales/contract comes in, new expenses will set in too and just because you don’t have a budget, you will end up spending all the money with you like a politician that lost the election.

Don’t shop for fun……I remember when I was still working in Shoprite, I see lots of people who only comes to Shoprite just because they are bored at home and they needed a place where they can kill that boredom, so they end up buying what they mostly don’t need. for no reason should you shop for fun all in the name of bigboy. If you are going for shopping, keep the list of what you need and buy that alone.

Reduce your personal pocket money……personally I prefer holding my atm than having cash (it has its own disadvantage sha) because most stores are not using POS at the moment so if there is no cash at hand the probability of me buying that suya or buying lacasera in traffic is very low. So reduce you cash at hand.

Start saving as early as possible….. money wait until you have more money before you start saving. Consider the ways of the ants.
Consider looking for another means of cash flow……never settle on one source of income, every successful man today has more than one source of income(if you know any that has one source pls let me know) well if you don’t know any other source of income you can venture into, send me a message privately, let’s work things out together.
Ps: If you want complete Ebook on moneyfitness plan written by a friend of mine, just PM me its just #2k. It’s well packaged and informative. It gives you complete control over your money  #financialEducation.
Have a lovely day

Yours in excellence

Meshe john

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