#mejohtech #startingAbusiness

Since its virtually what many do unconsciously (promoting other peoples product ),

A good example is introducing your friend to your tailor or phone/laptop Engineer..

why not do it consciously for a fee.

personally I market different product online for people I.e jumia, Konga, amazon(am not yet a big seller but it does pay some bills)

*Affiliate marketers* are middle men who connects buyers to sellers for a fee.

You can sell anything online e.g cloths,phones, laptop, food items, household appliances, books , events and so on.

One of The biggest affiliate marketers are the likes of, and so ON.

most of them sells other peoples product on their website. Well you don’t need to start with a website, you can basically use your social media(Facebook, twitter,Instagram) depending on your product.

Examples of people who are big affiliate marketers on social media are Abraham tade(Facebook) , funke akindele(YouTube) paskal harris (Instagram) and so on.

Starting today stop seeing your social media account as a place to kill time, why not also turn it to a money making tool.

Be Intentional, Be different


Hope it helps!!

More to come

Have a lovely day


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